Making a design pattern library for mental health products

Our first principles on our pattern library

Choosing a deadline

Choosing a focus

Researching and producing evidence

Setting out an early framework

Building an online community

The workshop — day one

  • What makes a good service in the mental health and wellbeing space?
  • What evidence do you have that backs up these sentiments?

Building our pattern language

Deeper patterns for no surprises and positive updates

Producing pattern content

Our spreadsheet of early principles and patterns
  • Pattern name and simple description
  • Pattern contributors
  • Pattern evidence and examples
  • Pattern features and the stages they are relevant to
  • Stage relevance
  • Principle alignment

Developing a full pattern

Visualising the design patterns

Building the library

What’s next?

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Sarah Drummond

Sarah Drummond


Founder @wearesnook @dearestscotland @cycle_hack @mypolice | Service Designer + Boss | GOOD Magazine’s Top 100 influencers 2016|Google Democracy Fellowship 2011