Positive patterns for designing mental health services

Patterns could be useful in designing for mental health

Patterns are an evidence-based solution to common design problems.

  • avoid repeating work that’s already been done
  • avoid making mistakes that others have already learned from
  • build on the research and experience of teams across government
  • make your service consistent with other government services

Principles for mindfulness technology

Away from the specific mental health ’sector’ that’s seen an explosion of apps and services with even the NHS’s own library promoting mental health apps, it could also be helpful to consider a wider application of principles to support more mindful technology design.

Image courtesy of Designing Mindfulness

Patterns for mental health services

In our own work we’ve found repetitive principles when researching and trialling new mental health services.

  • No dead ends! Provide direct leads to enable users to access relevant support services or information. Provide users with actions to move forward with.
  • Multiple points of access. Ensure effective links and points of access between online and offline resources and services, particularly at a local level.
  • Preparation. Prepare people by providing what information is needed for the next step of the journey they are embarking on.



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Sarah Drummond

Sarah Drummond


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